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Memory Contest

Memory Contest is a game for Android devices, and it is available for free !
Download here

You know Memory?
Memory Contest gives you a new experience. There are not pairs only, but triplets as well, which have to be found. Play against a computer-controlled opponent that will improve itself during the game. You need a good memory and especially strategy, because it is mostly necessary to turn more than two cards. For this the "jokers" are used.
Once you have turned a wrong card, you can turn more of them, while cards are open and there are jokers left. Of course it costs no joker to seek the third card of a triplet (in this case the cards will shake). Find groups of cards one behind the other to win jokers (series). The maximum number of jokers will increase during the game.
Get a higher or at least the same score than your opponent to reach next level.
It is a good idea to use jokers wisely and intensive. If you give the game to your opponent at the wrong time, it could be finished very fast!

In Solo-Mode you have to play for your own. You win a joker for every successful move, and lose one for every fail. If jokers have gone, the game would have been lost. The maximum number of jokers will increase during the game, too.

Memory Contest is the perfect way to train your memory and concentration on a funny way! You will find out that you will improve yourself during time, and reach higher levels. Of course you can continue the game at the last played level at every time.

This is the first Android game that I developed myself, so I decided to offer it for free and without advertisement. I was not able to test it on every platform, so it is possible that there will be problems on some devices. Sorry for this!
Please notice that there is no company behind the game, but a private person!